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Lucid Markdown Keyboard

Lucid Markdown Keyboard is a versatile keyboard that help you write markdown effortlessly in any apps.

If you are looking for a better way to write markdown on mobile devices, this custom keyboard is for you.

Lucid Markdown Keyboard is a keyboard optimized for writing markdown notes in any app. Our mission is to make an awesome markdown keyboard to replace your system keyboard.


  • Quick paste markdown text templates
  • Hidable markdown shortcut buttons above the keyboard - heading, bold, italic, checklist, bullet list, blockquote, tables
  • Auto-format and auto-indent in bullet and number lists.
  • Page up, page down, go to top, go to end.
  • Autocorrect and autocomplete suggestions.
  • In-keyboard spreadsheet table.
  • Add a number row.
  • space drag to change the cursor position.
  • Copy link or image as markdown in browsers.
  • Support iPhone and iPad.
  • Dark mode.
  • Use in any app!

What apps to use with Lucid Markdown?

The keyboard works best with plain text field such as those in webpage.

The follow note-taking apps work especially well with Lucid Markdown

  • Joplin
  • Apple Notes
  • Google Keep

NOTE: This is an English only keyboard!! Support of other languages coming.

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